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We help you set up your booth with quick, accurate response based on our extensive experience and achievements. We can also support you in the design and construction of showrooms, etc.
We will propose the best plan in order to achieve a maximum effect from your exhibition participation with booth design, stage direction, production of printed materials and other tools, and operations plan to suit target visitors as well as execution and operations in the venue, questionnaire results processing and analysis after the event.
We will also propose effective publicity and advertisement plans to enable you to attract target visitors to your booth.


01Booth planning

We develop strategies and tactics required to achieve the purpose of exhibition participation. We develop the grand design for your booth.

02Design and direction plan

We develop a plan to attract visitors to your booth with booth design, product display method, and stage direction in line with the grand design.

03Tool/video production

We produce printed materials and panels to improve the understanding of exhibited products and services as well as video and other presentation materials.

04Booth construction and operations

We implement hospitality-focused operations with the construction of the booth with consideration for the safety of visitors and with the suitable arrangement of staff in order to maximize the effect of participation.

05Customer information analysis

We select visitor questionnaire items to identify expected customers and analyze them to make the results useful for sales activities after the exhibition.