We provide quality service to private seminars as well as international symposia, irrespective of the size of the event.
We propose an all-in-one service from seminar planning, venue selection, lecturer selection, seminar participant invitation, correspondence with lecturers, production of printed materials, seminar website design and other tools, operations plan, execution and operations, stage construction, and sign setup as well as post-event report development and effect measurement.
Moreover, we propose measures to widely disseminate seminar content, including the publishing of abstracts.


01Seminar planning

We develop the grand design that includes preparation of the theme, selection of the lecturers and selection of the venue to suit the size of the seminar for the achievement of the purpose of the seminar.

02Invitation of participants

We invite seminar participants by segmenting them, using the Nikkei Group media and Nikkei ID.

03Addressing lecturers and participants

The secretariat provides high-quality assistance, including correspondence with lecturers, response to inquiries from seminar participants, and issuance of attendance tickets.

04Venue management/operations

Participant registration with QR code and other stress-free reception and venue guide allow comfortable operations and management for lecturers and participants.

05Media exposure

Seminar content will be published in the media of the Nikkei Group to increase information communication and dissemination capabilities.